Import and Export Guidance and Support

Trading with a 3rd Country post Brexit

Trading with a 3rd Country post Brexit

We recognise that businesses trading internationally sometimes need help and support. That is why we tailor business support through our range of consultancy packages.
Our packages involve a dedicated specialist who will support your business, be it a day’s health check, application completion support or full project management. They will focus on ensuring your business implements practical yet compliant procedures. This is designed to reduce customs risk and optimise processes. Application support will reduce the likelihood of applications being rejected by customs and expedite the timeframe.

Brexit Health check
To prepare for the potentially significant change to your supply chain, your business will need to identify areas of potential impact. In our Brexit Health check, one of our experts will work with your business to look at potential impacts of Brexit on your business.
This health check will cover all potential scenarios under the current political climate, focusing on key areas such as origin, classification, customs declarations and procedures. You will have practical advice and recommendations regarding what your business can do straight away.

Customs Compliance Health check
Complying with customs regulations in the UK is a necessity, and one which requires knowledge and due diligence. Providing inaccurate values, customs tariff codes or Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) on export or import entries can result in shipment delays, as well as customs queries or inspections, which can have adverse consequences.
Our Health check will help you reduce your risk and streamline your processes.
We get to know your business, understanding how you operate and the types of customs authorisations and procedures that you could benefit from. Using our extensive knowledge, we then propose solutions and recommendations to ensure your business establishes streamlined processes that are compliant.

AEO Readiness Review
If you are interested in becoming AEO accredited, or are in the process of renewing your existing accreditation, our experts can help with every stage of the process.
Achieving AEO status can be a time consuming and often a daunting exercise, we can help take you through every step of acquiring and maintaining AEO status.
We offer 3 tiers of service from

  1. Initial 'readiness review' through to application completion.
  2. Advise on the cost of helping you to prepare your application.
  3. Submit your application if you decide to progress.

Other Consultancy Services
We can support and advise on a range of other international trade topics. We can set up an initial discussion your requirements over the phone, to make it easier for you. Some of the support we offer are:

  • Documentation audit.
  • Process improvement in International Trade.
  • Export controls analysis.
  • Customs procedures: valuation, origin, customs processes (Inward / Outward Processing Relief).
  • Terms of sale & delivery (Incoterms).
  • S. (Customs tariff) code classification.