7. CCG (Customs Comprehensive Guarantee)

A company I was working for had various regimes and post UCC, if one regime expires, a new assessment would be made on all other authorisations. I was fully responsible to reapply for these authorisations and under UCC regulations had to apply for a CCG.

As the company was not authorised for AEO and with the history the CCG should have been 100% which would mean £21million. Demonstrations of compliance with correct processes and procedures in place, I Managed to get a 0% for the business.

I managed to get this again when the company had to apply for Customs Warehouse and therefore a Guarantee needed to be in place for 100% of their imports from a 3rd country. This again was a 0% guarantee from a potential £72 million.


UCC. Import, export and storage procedures following the introduction of the Union Customs Code.