5. Save Money on Import Goods

A company were looking to save money on importing their purchased components into the UK. They had various manufacturers worldwide sending products to them in the UK, to enable the manufacture of an intact unit.

I analysed their commodity codes and looked for ways I could reduce the duty rate they were currently paying. Working with the buyers of the company, I was able to receive documentation from the supplier on how they would assess their products. Knowing that the first 4 digits worldwide are the same for the item, I was able to have a starting chapter in the UK classification. Reading and assessing the product I was able to find the correct tariff code and achieve a reduction in duty costs.

After reclassifying all their goods, the company had reductions in duty costs in over 90% of goods imported. In some cases, after reclassifying them, the duty rate fell from 7% duty rate to zero rated.